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Instructions for public hospital visitors and visiting arrangement

All COVID-19 testing requirements for visitors of public hospitals will be lifted from March 25. Visitors of public hospitals will no longer be required to present any proof of testing result.

In view of the fact that Hong Kong has resumed normalcy in full, the HA decided to lift all testing requirements for the convenience of patients and their families after considering infection control arrangements and the operation of hospitals. Visitors no longer need to present any proof of testing result before entering the wards. Also, the daily rapid antigen testing requirement for clinical healthcare staff will be lifted.

The visiting arrangements previously relaxed will continue to be in place. Visitors can visit according to the visiting sessions and time of each ward. No prior appointment is required and the number of visitors has no limits. Visitors can take turns to visit but only two persons are allowed to enter the ward at the same time. Patient's feeding is also allowed.

To minimise the risk of spreading virus and to protect patients from infection, all patients, visitors and staff are required to wear a surgical mask while entering hospitals or healthcare facilities. Before entering and leaving the premises, they are reminded to clean their hands and pay attention to hand hygiene all the time. Those with symptoms should not visit public hospitals and should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The HA will continue to tie in with the Government's normalcy resumption measures and will continue to monitor the service needs in public hospitals. Members of the public are reminded to maintain hygiene at all times to reduce the risk of spreading viruses.