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Health Equity Campaign

In support of the World Rare Disease Day 2023, RDHK launched the year-long Health Equity Campaign on the last day of February for the purpose of promoting general understanding and awareness of the concept of “health equity”, as well as the importance of appropriate allocation of healthcare resources needed by rare disease patients. A series of public education programme will be launched in phases.  Please visit this page for the latest news.

Programme 1: Column submission 

Column articles published between 27 February and 1 March 2023: 

1. 健康公平不可「計死數」 (in Chinese only)

2. 醫療券針對性不足 ─ 罕病患者待政府支援 (in Chinese only)

3. 組織呼籲:給病人公平治療機會! (in Chinese only)

4. Review drug criteria to help Hongkongers with rare diseases

5. 罕見病聯盟會長曾建平籲以「健康公平」原則制訂醫療政策 (in Chinese only)

Programme 2: Video reel on "Health Equity"

A 30-second video was published and promoted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube & myTV Super from 16 April to 17 May 2023. The number of people reached is over 1.22 million.

You are welcome to revisit the video on "Galleries" of this website.