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Burning Mouth Syndrome

Name of disease:

Burning Mouth Syndrome

ICD-10 diagnosis code:



It can be divided into primary and secondary burning mouth syndrome. There is no identifiable cause for primary BMS, while for secondary BMS, it can be caused by hormonal change, allergies, medication etc.

Mode of inheritance:

Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is not inherited and does not run in family




The diagnosis of BMS is sometimes difficult because the symptoms of BMS are nonspecific. Physician may try to rule out other problems before diagnosing BMS.

Age of onset:


Common signs and symptoms:

A burning sensation that commonly affects tongues and other parts of mouth such as lips, throat, gums Dry mouth with increased thirst Changes or loss in taste A bitter or metallic taste

Available treatments (medicinal and non-medicinal):

Current treatment is mainly directed towards the underlying cause or triggering factor of the disease. Therefore, treatment may sometimes be difficult if no underlying cause can be found.

Disease management tips:

l For BMS patients with unknown cause, they may relieve the symptoms by sipping water frequently, sucking on ice chips or chewing sugarless gum. l Patients shall avoid cigarette, hot and spicy food, alcoholic beverages, highly acidic products etc., which are the possible causes of BMS. l According to some studies, BMS may be related to menopause. More postmenopausal women are found to suffer from BMS. This might be associated with the reduced estrogen level and hormone replacement therapy can be considered in this case.


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