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The Fourth Annual General Meeting of RDHK cum Tea Gathering

  • Agenda:
  • 1. To consider and adopt the agenda of this meeting
  • 2. To consider and adopt the minutes of the third Annual General Meeting
  • 3. To consider and adopt the Annual Report 2022
  • 4. To consider and adopt the Financial Report 2022
  • 5. To consider and adopt the 2023 budget
  • 6. By-election of the second Council
  • 7. Appointment of auditor(s)
  • 8. A.O.B.

A round-trip taxi allowance is provided for members who need to use a wheelchair.  Please refer to the email notice sent by RDHK to individual members on 23 May 2023.

Full nembers who cannot attend the meeting may appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf. To be valid, any proxy form must be completed and returned by mail to Room 101, G/F, Lai Huen House, Lai Kok Estate, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, or by email to, no later than 3 pm on 15 June 2023.

For enquiries, please contact the RDHK staff at 5528 9600.