We welcome rare disease patients and their family members to join Rare Disease Hong Kong (RDHK) as a full member. For people who concern and support the rare disease community, you are welcome to join RDHK as an ordinary member.

*All membership applications shall be approved by the Council of RDHK. 

Ways of application:

1. Download and fill the application form (PDF), pay the life-long membership fee under instructions. Submit the application by post or e-mail(info@rdhk.org)to us;or

2. Fill in the E-application form and pay the life-long membership fee online。

Application Form (PDF):Download

E-application Form(* Fill Required
Emergency contact:
# Applicants who wish to be a full member MUST provide the following information:

Important Notes

All membership applications shall be approved by the Council of RDHK. Successful applicants will be notified by email.

A one-time membership fee of HK$20 is required to join RDHK. The personal data of members will only be used for registration, statistical purposes & provision of appropriate services, and will be kept strictly confidential.

Membership fee will not be refunded in case of voluntary withdrawal or compulsory withdrawal of membership due to misconduct causing damage to RDHK's reputation.

Applicants applicants should read, understand and comply to the Articles of Association of RDHK before submitting their applications).

Payment (by credit card or PayPal)