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Numbers of Members(As of 24 June 2024)
Total Members: 848
Full Members: 754
Individual: 745
Organizational: 9
Ordinary Members: 94
Types of rare diseases: 229
Rare disease
101Kallmann Syndrome (KS) (卡爾曼氏症)
102KCNB1 Syndrome (Genetic Disorder)
103KCNQ2 Syndrome (Genetic Disorder)
104Kennedy Disease (甘迺迪氏症) / Spinal and Bulbar Muscular Atrophy (SBMA) (脊髓延髓性肌肉萎縮症)
105KIF1A (Genetic Disorder)
106KIF5C Syndrome (Genetic Disorder)
107Kleefstra Syndrome (KS) (Kleefstra綜合症)
108Klippel-Trénaunay Syndrome (KTS) (静脈畸形骨肥大綜合症)
**The above types of diseases were provided by patients or their families at the time of membership registration.